Choral Reading

Choral Reading, like Duet Reading, is designed to:
  • improve sight vocabulary
  • develop effective read aloud skills
  • develop ability to sight read aloud

In order for skills to improve students need to:

  • point to the word as it is spoken
  • read those words aloud that are known
  • hear others read aloud at the same time to "fill in the blanks"

Choral Reading is where the whole class reads aloud from the same selection. The teacher also reads and sets the pace as well as modeling proper pronunciation and variation in tone.

Duet Reading is similar to choral reading, but it involves a stronger and a weaker reader. Usually the stronger reader is a tutor or a parent. This is an excellent strategy for parents to use at home to improve oral reading skills. The intent is for the weaker reader to develop better reading skills. This reading strategy works well at home with an adult reading aloud at the same time as the student. The parent needs to move his/her finger beneath the lines being read. The adult sets the pace and the student follows it. For information on How to do Duet Reading, click here.


Did you ... (circle answer)

1) read aloud all the words that you knew how to pronounce YES NO

2) try to say words you did not know when you heard others YES NO

3) speak loud enough to be heard, but not too loud YES NO

4) put life in your voice and pause at the punctuation YES NO

5) follow the pace set by Miss Berndl YES NO

6) point at the words as they were being spoken YES NO

7) make an effort to improve your performance YES NO

Reading Partnerís Initials ____________  Score ____ / 7


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