Doing your first formal speech is very hard to do, especially when you are in grade 4. At the Junior level, speeches need to be between 3 and 5 minutes long. They may be researched or they may be written out of your head. They may be funny or they may be serious. Choose from the following topics to learn more:
  1. Suggestions for Preparing a Speech
  2. Some Titles of Recent Grade 4 Speeches
  3. Steps To Follow In Preparing A Speech 
  4. Saying your Speech in Front of the Class
  5. Some Examples of Grade 4 Speeches

The biggest problem you will have in doing a speech is that you will not sound as good as the kids on TV that you hear talking or making a speech. That might make you not want to try. Don't worry about that. The kids on TV are actors and adults wrote their speeches for them. Normal kids don't speak that well at a young age. Everybody starts out being a normal kid. You won't have to worry about being a really good speaker until you are much older. For now, you are learning how to write and say speeches. In a few years, you will find out if it is something you like to do or can do very well. Even if saying speeches is something that is hard for you, practice will help you get better at it. You will be speaking in front of people throughout school and when you go to work. You might as well learn while you are young and have many people who want to help you.

By the time you get to grade 7 & 8, the speeches need to be between 4 and 6 minutes long. You will have had practice by then and the process will not be as hard for you.


Public Speaking Made Easy - Suggestions for Preparing a Speech
Source Unknown
  1. Topics
    • The topic must appeal o the audience.
    • Funny speeches are harder to write.
  2. Opening Statement
    • Start with an "ear catching" opening such as:
      • use a quotation
      • ask a question
      • state a fact
      • promise something
      • arouse suspense
      • offer a challenge
    • Address the teacher or chairperson, audience before or after the opening statement. Either is OK.
  3. Voice
    • Speak up!!!! Remember the people at the back of the room.
    • Vary your pitch, tone and speed.
  4. Gestures
    • Gestures are important - use your face, your eyebrows, your shoulders, your hands.
    • Practice your gestures every time you practice your speech so that they become natural to you.
    • Don't overdo the gestures so that they become ridiculous.
    • You may not walk about - stay in one spot.
    • Props are not allowed.
  5. Eye contact
    • Look at the audience - not the floor or the ceiling.
    • Don't look at your friends if they distract you.
    • You can look at your cue cards if you have not fully memorized the speech - but look up in between.
    • Don't just look at one person in the audience - but don't mechanically scan the audience side to side either.
  6. Pause effectively
    • Practice your pauses. Leave a moment if you expect the audience to laugh.
    • Speak more slowly than you feel like. Being nervous makes you speak quickly & shortens the speech.
  7. Relax - stand comfortably
    •  Be aware of nervous mannerisms and eliminate them.
  8. Let your face reflect your emotions
    • Happy Talks - Look Happy! Serious Talks -Look Serious.
  9. Cue Cards
    • Write your speech out in full sentences on cue cards.
    • Don't have half a sentence on 1 card and the 2nd half on the other card. Start a new cue card if the sentence won't fit.
    • Write only on one side of the cue cards. Number them. Clip them together with a ring.
    • Practice with your cue cards.
    • If you practice enough, you will end up memorizing most or all of your speech.
    • Don't rewrite your cue cards just before you give your speech.
  10. Closing
    • Do not finish your speech with "The end".
    • This is your last opportunity to influence your audience.
    • A clear, short, strong, positive ending is best.


Saying your Speech in Front of the Class
  • You may use a cue card. Your speech should be written out in full sentences. Only write on 1 side of the card. That way you won't get confused by shuffling the cards. Connect your cards with a paper clip, a ring or a small chain so that the cards don't go out of order should you drop them.
  • You will be evaluated by the teacher when you say your speech. The students in the class will also rate your speech however their rating will remain private. They will rate speeches on:
    • Content/Information,
    • Interesting, Voice,
    • Eye Contact with Audience for a total mark out of 20.
  • Each student in the class will recommend 3 students to enter the Junior Public Speaking contest. 
  • The teacher choose the 2 students to enter the Public Speaking Contest. Students may refuse to speak in front of the school if they are chosen for this. 


Some recent Titles of Grade 4 speeches

My big sister, Planets My Labrador Retriever, My Life as a Twin, My trip to Florida, The Environment, Disney World, My Life as a smaller brother, History of Cats, Life without Homework, Life with Two Older Brothers, Las Vegas, Smoking, My Baby Sister, My Rat, Martial Arts, Life with Step-Parents, Hair, Pets, My Life as a Dog, Addictions, Dolphins, Cats, Alzheimer's Disease, My Dad, Money, Horses, Bearded Dragons, My Grandparents Journey, Tornadoes, My Annoying Sister


Steps To Follow In Preparing A Speech
  1. What is a speech?
    • 3 to 5 minutes long prepared speech
    • written out in full sentences on cue cards
    • practiced so often by reading that it is almost or fully memorized – though it doesn’t have to be memorized
    • does not have to be memorized but it is a script – therefore it must be said the exact same way every time it is presented – no improvisation
    • props are not allowed, no costumes
    • no excessive movements like running
    • dramatic hand gestures, facial expressions OK
    • use the voice dramatically through pacing, pauses, pitch, tone
    • topic can be researched or from own knowledge – but no retelling of stories or make believe story-telling
    • easiest topics for beginning speakers is to speak about what they know about
  2. Speech writing process
    • Decide on a topic
    • Listen to / look at some speeches from other years done by gr. 4 students – video, written examples on FabFour web site, bound booklet in classroom
    • Make a Topic Web with 5 sub-headings, add point form notes under each of the sub-headings
    • Choose 3 of the sub-headings & write about them in full sentences in writing notebook. Don’t worry about spelling. Don’t write your introduction or conclusion yet – you will do that at the end.
    • Read what you have written & time yourself. This will give you an idea of how much more you need to write to get within the time limit.
    • Read what you have written out loud to someone. Ask for feedback to make it more interesting.
    • Write more until you have about 3 minutes worth of a speech. Then write your Introduction & Conclusion. See handouts for suggestions. They will add about 15 seconds to your speech.
  3. Practicing saying your speech
  • The best way to practice is to say your speech out loud in the largest room in your house. The reason for this is so that you will speak loud enough to be heard at the back. No matter how good your speech is, if nobody can hear it, it will be a poor speech.
  • Practice, practice, practice – keep reading your speech out loud over & over again. After a while you will have it almost memorized. Remember to look up at the audience.
  1. Most common problems with speeches – some advice
    • Print out your speech on cue cards neatly – you need to be able to read your speech without putting the card to your nose.
    • Only write on 1 side of your cue card. Most speeches are about 5 or 6 cards long. Hole punch in top left corner of the cards & link them with string.
    • Slow down. Most people speed up when they are nervous.
    • Look up at the audience. Don’t look only at a friend or the person who might make you laugh.
    • Speak loudly. Throw your voice to the back of the room. Move your lips when you speak.
    • You will be standing behind a desk or podium when you present. Don’t lean on the podium. Don’t swing your legs.
    • Don’t sway from side to side.
    • Make sure you pronounce all of the words in your speech correctly – especially place names or scientific terms.
    • Don’t act nervous even if you are. You are on stage from the moment you get up till you sit down in your seat. Don’t let the audience know if you made a mistake. Just keep going.
    • Vary your voice. Exaggerate your  voice – you are acting. Speeches are larger than life.
  2. Order of What to do
  • Choose topic
  • Start writing the rough draft. Don't worry about the Introduction & Conclusion. They can be written at the end.
  • Read what you have written out loud to see how much writing it takes to fit your speech into the time allowed.
  • Rearrange the paragraphs / sections of your speech to your satisfaction.
  • Read your speech to a trusted friend or relative. Ask for feedback. Is it interesting? Does it make sense?
  • Fix things.
  • Write the Introduction & Conclusion,
  • Put your speech in order and read it out loud. Time yourself.
  • If your speech is close to the minimum time, add a paragraph. You will speak faster when you are nervous.
  • Write or print out your cue cards.
  • Read your cue cards out loud - over & over again until you can practically say your speech without too much looking.

Samples of Some Grade Four Speeches

Before writing a speech, it is good to read speeches written by others. Here are a few samples of speeches written by former students in grade 4. Be sure that after you read these speeches that you don't write a speech just like it though. That is called plagiarizing and is dishonest.

My Life as a Twin  By Annie C.

“Annie! Where is my pencil crayon?! You used my pink pencil crayon last night! Where did you put it?! I liked that colour!” shouted my sister one day. Oh brother. I rolled out of my bed. This is the life of having a sister. Not just any sister, a twin sister named Bonnie. You probably think being a twin is super or sometimes a bit weird. For me being a twin is mostly fun but sometimes annoying. What do you think a life as a twin is like? Miss Berndl and fellow classmates, I am here to tell you what it is really like to be a twin.

Sometimes being a twin is very handy. On April fool’s Day, I plan to pretend to be Bonnie and Bonnie to be me. I always wanted to do my plan but I never did my plan. Hmm… Maybe I’ll do my plan this year…

Anyways, back to my speech. As I already told you, being a twin is very handy. But sometimes it is not handy at all. One of those things is that we have to share almost everything! Firstly, we had to share one baby crib, secondly, we had to share the same stroller, and thirdly we now have to share the same ROOM!!!! I mean, sharing isn’t that bad, but it is bad enough if you have a brother, (mainly my brother) who eats twice as much as you. Like if I have half a doughnut and my sister gets the other half, my brother would get another whole doughnut!!!!! (A lot of math.)

The most common question that we’ve been asked is, “Which kind of twin are you? Identical or fraternal?” Well, we are not identical twins. We are fraternal twins. Imagine us being… identical. That would be very creepy. I wouldn’t want to be exactly the same as Bonnie. *shiver*. We don’t even have the same personalities! Bonnie would always agree on everything, (well… sometimes) and I would always argue. BIG… no HUGE difference. Plus, I would keep my side of the room organized, while Bonnie cleans up later. (Like one hour later.) Bonnie would eat more and I would eat less, so Bonnie gets a bit taller than me even though I am 20 minutes older than her!!!! So, we are defiantly not identical! And even if we were identical, every person in the world is different. (Something I learned from my dad.)

I like being a twin. We get to share feelings, discuss on home work, and even comfort each other. That is kinda the same as having a sister or a brother. So being an only child is not as good as having older or younger sibling. Well… sometimes. Sometimes I wish I was an only child. No arguing with big annoying brother and not sharing with my sister. But then I would have no help from my brother or sister. Oh no! So I think it is better off with my brother and sister then doing bad in school.

Sometimes, I used to think being a twin is very annoying and the worst, but now, now I think being a twin is not so bad at all. Hopefully, you learned a bit about my life as a twin. Thank you.

Superstitions  by Bonnie C.

Did you ever know if someone’s leg goes over your head you have to jump 3 times and spit in the yucky toilet? If you believe in superstitions, it’s good for you. (No bad luck.)

Miss Berndl and fellow classmates, today I’m going to tell you about a life of a stressful, superstitious person and superstitious things.

From cool four-leaf clovers to 13 black vicious cats, almost anything is possible if you believe in superstition. It almost all relies on good luck and bad luck.

A lot of superstition depends on “wishful thinking.” The beginning of superstition came from our ancestors. They began to use simple things like the grateful saying, “knock on wood” gives you nice, clean good luck. Dreams and magic…… these fantasy stuff usually depend on superstition.

Lots of people don’t believe in this “rubbish.” Only a few people do. From what I learned in T.V. and books, some things can make you start thinking and doing superstition. The most common things are fortune cookies and gypsies that read crystal balls.

Well, I think those tricky fortune tellers just know about your life because they look at you. I mean, if you just had spaghetti for lunch and splattered the red stuff on your shirt then the fortune teller would notice it and say, “Oh! You had spaghetti for lunch!” And wickedly thinks, “Oh, what a great life it is just looking at people and talking to get lots of money. Hee! Hee! Hee!” And you’d be surprised. Those people are so weird.

Those bright, cheerful yellow fortune cookies are sure yummy! There is a little paper inside the bright cookie. That little paper usually says good luck, so don’t worry. Far more better than those odd fortune tellers!

Let me talk about beautiful charms. Good luck charms. The most well-known charm is the four-leaf clovers. They are those rich, green plants with four leaves on them. They are very small. But they aren’t very common around here. Well, of course “3” leaf clovers are very, extremely common. They grow everywhere in the summer! But four-leaf, you can barely see them! Anyways, each of the leaves stand for something. They stand for: “1 leaf for fame, 1 leaf for wealth. 1 leaf for a faithful lover, And 1 leaf to bring glorious health, are all in a four-leaf clover.

There is another nice charm that brings good luck too. A horseshoe. When you hang a horseshoe in your house, some people think the “U” stands for a shape of a new moon, which brings good fortune. But this part of town doesn’t have a lot of horses. But I think those horseshoes are sure stinky. Pee-you!! They were on horses’ feet! I think you can buy a clean horseshoe that horses are not going to wear, though. If an iron horseshoe falls on your head, you will have bad luck. Of course, if an iron horseshoe falls on your head, you might have surgery and end up in a HOSPITAL!

Enough about the good luck. What about BAD luck? Like getting an F on a test, not getting what you want, when life is not fair, the grumpy works. How about black cats? Not just any number of those evil, black cats. 13 black cats. People believed that those very black cats turned to witches. Ahh! Definitely not good luck. And you know what? Black cats are a scary symbol of Halloween! So when you are thinking of wearing a black cat costume, try to make 12 more people to be black cats and scare people at Halloween. 

The bad day. The bad number. When you put them together it is….. Friday the 13th! Almost everybody is aware of this day. But you probably wonder why this day brings bad luck. Well, people believed that Friday was the day when Jesus died, and following of the evening of the Last Supper with its 13 guests a t ht e table. People sometimes follow superstitions on that day. Hmmph! Now they listen to superstitions!

Remember, all these superstitions are probably not true. But few people go crazy and believe in all of them. It is your choice to believe in these few of the many superstitions from out there. Our ancestors are sure smart to think of these. It is your choice to believe in the few of the many superstitions from out there. (There are over 50!) Superstitious or not, nothing is right or wrong. Thanks for listening to my speech.

My dog Carly  By DJ

What kind of animal gets to sleeps in a bed, lay on the couch and ride in the family car? If you guessed my dog Carly, then your right!
Ms. Berndl and fellow classmates, I’m going to talk a little about the breed of a Labrador as well as my Labrador, Carly. Labradors came from Newfoundland – not Labrador. Labs are known to be good natured and friendly dogs. They make good pets. Labs are often used for guide and rescue dogs. Labs like to hunt and swim. They’re not guard dogs although they do bark at people.
Carly has been a member of our family for 2 ½ years. My mom got Carly from someone she works with whose dogs were having puppies. Carly’s mom was a blond lab and her dad was a chocolate lab. Carly is a black lab. My mom insisted we get a female dog because we already have four boys already in our family.
I remember when my mom first brought Carly home- she was so small you could pick her up in one hand! It didn’t take long for her to grow though. You should see her now- she weighs about 80 pounds. Carly, like other Labs, loves her food. She needs lots of exercise to keep fit.
Carly loves to go for runs in the park. We often take her there and a ball to throw. She also likes to meet her friends, Chaos and Kazzo in the school yard. If you mention the word walk to Carly she’ll immediately go and get her leash and she won’t leave you alone until you take her out. The worst thing about walking Carly is you half to pick up her ‘mess’ (if you know what I mean!). Carly can sometimes be a pain in the neck! She likes to take things from you especially after school when you first walk in the door- she’ll take your hat, mitts and anything else you may have in your hand. She won’t give it back until you trade her for a cookie! As I mentioned earlier, Carly has a passion for food. One time it was my brother’s birthday. My mom bought a big chocolate cake and had left it in the kitchen in a box on the counter. We went out to run some errands and when we got back we found the whole cake on the floor! Carly had eaten the whole cake! We were very mad with her, but things got worst! Carly got sick! If you didn’t know this before dogs should not have chocolate. It is like poison to them. Carly got so sick we had to take her to the vet to get some medicine. We were lucky she was alright. If you are looking for a great family pet, I would highly recommend a Labrador retriever. The saying ‘mans’ best friend is true especially when my dog Carly is concerned. She is a faithful friend.

My Big Sister  by Victoria

Hi! My name is Victoria and I am going to talk to you about my big sister Melissa. Melissa is 16 and in grade 11. She is tall with long blond hair. She tells everyone her hair is her crowning glory. She spends 2 hours every morning in the bathroom fixing her hair and putting on her makeup, which is pretty bad because no one can use the bathroom. Her hobbies are music, clothes, hair and makeup. Oh and also she thinks she’s perfect not everyone agrees.

It all began 16 years ago on September 3 1986. Melissa came into this world doing what she still does best screaming and crying. She weighed almost 9 pounds. My mom says she started walking at 11 months of age, and started talking soon after. Some things never change she still talks a lot only now it’s mostly on the phone or on the computer and mostly about herself.

When she was a little baby and even when she was a little girl my mom says she was always a easy child except when she was 2 her favourite hobby was taking eggs out of the fridge and smashing them on the ground, which always made her laugh. My mom was not too happy but she did it anyways. My mom always kept her hair nice and short it was easier to style but by the time she became a teenager all that changed. Her hair was her hair and she wanted it long. That’s when the long stays in the bathroom began. Around the same time was when she discovered makeup. At first it started with sparkles and clear mascara then that turned into what there is today. 20 coats of black mascara and lots of eye liner.

Then there was the problem of her clothes, the girl who was once happy dressing like a tomboy suddenly decided that tight jeans and tight tops was the way to go. Now today that is all she owns her closet is full with tons of clothes that all look the same. Lets forget all about her closet and all about her clothes and talk about her room which by the way is painted her favourite colour the most horrible purple you have ever seen with pink hearts painted on the ceiling and lots of glow in the dark stars. This room is something we don’t often have to see because the door is usually shut with music blaring.

Being 16 years old she now has her G1 license which means her new goal in life is to drive. You can imagine how happy my mom is about that. Now she wants to go with my mom to practice driving. That is all fine but my mom is scared to death that she will smash her new car. So far it seems to be going ok because she only drives 10 kilometres an hour which is pretty slow. My mom says lets keep it that way.

As I was saying at the beginning of my speech Melissa is in grade 11 and when she finishes high school she wants to become a massage therapist. All this makes my mom very happy because she loves having her practice on my moms back and shoulders. My mom says she’s pretty good at it and with lots of practice she should do quite well. Well that’s about all I can tell u about my big sister Melissa even with all her weird habits I still love her and am glad she is my sister.
Thank you for listening to my speech on my big sister Melissa.

My Grandparents' Journey by Chris

Hello! Judges, and students.

Have you ever thought about living without your parents and siblings for a long time? I know one person who didn’t see his family for over 50 years; my grandpa. Have you ever done something really brave, like you might see in a movie? I know someone who has; my grandma. So are you getting any idea of what my speech is about? It’s about my grandparent’s journey.

First, let me tell you a little bit about them and their country. Both of them were born in North Korea; my grandpa in 1933,and my grandma in 1939. Before World War Two, the two countries were a single country named Korea. Then they split and became North and South Korea. In South Korea, where I come from, life is better and the people have freedom. I’m going to tell you about the journey my grandparents had, escaping from the Korean War, from North Korea to South Korea.

My grandpa was nearly killed escaping from the war. In North Korea, they were forcing all the young men into the army. So he had to run away without his family, leaving behind his mother and his sister. My grandpa thought he would see them again after a few weeks or months, but he didn’t see them again for more than 50 years. I know that his mother passed away but I really want to meet his sister. I feel very sorry for my grandpa.

My grandma, as I told you before, did something that I saw in a movie. She escaped from North Korea along with her mother, her two sisters and her brother. It was a really dangerous trip, because they had to climb up on a train that was going to South Korea and ride on the top! At the time, my grandma was only 10 years old, the weather was minus 20 degrees, and it was snowing. They had to be sit very carefully for the entire trip, to be sure that they didn’t fall off, and every time they came to a tunnel, they had to duck down very low. Isn’t that so dangerous? I think they were all very, very brave! I wouldn’t do it even if they gave me a million dollars!

Do you know why they did these dangerous things? There’s only one reason. It’s because they wanted freedom. Canada is a free country. We have freedom. There are many people in the world who do not have freedom. We need to think about that, and give thanks for the freedom we have. I’m very proud of my grandparents and I hope they will be safe forever.

–Thank You-



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