GMB Slabs

Canadian Rock & Mineral Slabs for Cabachons & Lapidary Arts

Who we are: We are a family of Rockhounds who not only love to collect rocks & minerals, but also like to make things from what we have collected. We are involved in a number of small enterprises related to our interests & because we are retired, we dabble in a number of things - including the lapidary arts.
What we sell: We are selling slabs of rocks & minerals of Canadian specimens. We have noticed that there are many sources of beautiful slabs online, but that not many of these slabs are Canadian or decorative stones. For that reason, we have decided to offer our self-collected Canadian slabs for sale.
  Amazonite - Quadville, Ontario  
  Amethyst - Thunder Bay, Ontario
  Banded Iron - Sherman Mine, Temagami, Ontario
  Bannockburn Porphyry - Matachewan, Ontario  
  Blue Sodalite - Bancroft, Ontario  
  Chloritoid - Madoc, Ontario  
  Daisy Stone - Pancake Bay, Ontario
  Fluorite - Newfoundland  
  Matachewan Porhyry - Matachewan, Ontario  
  Pink Calcite - Eganville, Ontario  
  Puddingstone - St. Joseph Island, Ontario  
  Pyrite - Newfoundland  
  Sop's Arm Grey Marble - Newfoundland  
  Sop's Arm Pink Marble - Newfoundland  
  Virginite - Newfoundland
  Wanapitei Breccia - Sudbury, Ontario  
Our Customers:  Our customers are people who want to make cabs or other decorative items out of rocks & minerals that are not commonly available. Because our specimens are Canadian, our slabs are of interest to people who either collect Canadiana or who want to expand their collection to include rocks & minerals from Canada.
Shipping: Because we live in Canada (just north of Toronto in Ontario), shipping slabs anywhere is very expensive. It just doesn't seem fair that the cost of shipping is half or more than the value of the slabs themselves. However that's the way it is and when the cost is factored in to the final cost of a finished cabachon made out of a unique material that is not that common, then the price of buying online from us is justified. Since we are not doing this as a major enterprise, you will not find us at any mineral shows however if you are ever in the GTA, we would be happy to have you drop by & save yourself the shipping cost.

Slabs for Cabbing  COMING SOON
GMB Slabs

  • price listed is per square inch
  • slabs vary in thickness, generally they are 1/4" to 3/8 " thick
  • custom thicknesses can be arranged for
  • images here show the slabs freshly cut - not polished or made wet
  • to see what the finished material might look like, come & play with a spray bottle!;-)




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